2023-11-18 Board Meeting

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2023-11-18 Board Meeting

Important Notice - Redactions

During the Three-Minute Property Owners Forum portion of the meeting, a property owner provided excerpts from old meeting minutes. His comments seemed to apply his own interpretation of those minutes by imparting personal judgement and inferring improper intention by another property owner.

Some of the comments made have been interpreted as potentially slanderous in nature. And as such, to limit liability of this site, the comments containing unsubstantiated allegations and any reference to the targeted property owner’s name have been redacted.

While we strive to provide the Crystal Lakes Property Owners with as much information as possible, we do not feel that sharing personal attacks is appropriate.

The Board of Directors also recorded this meeting. Please contact them if you need to view the unredacted portions of this property owner’s commentary.

View the Meeting Minutes

Minutes from Board meetings are not available until after the next Board Meeting. 

View the Transcript

After multiple requests from CLRRA Members over the last nineteen months, the Board of Directors has agreed to turn on the live Closed Captioning and Transcribing that is freely provided within Zoom meetings. As Zoom's live Closed Captioning is more accurate than YouTube, the Zoom Closed Captioning will be displayed in the recorded meetings.

Topics Discussed in the Meeting