Special Notice

2023-12-08 Special Notice

Important Notice - Incident at Base Camp

Today a Special Weekly View was sent to residents that stated, “Base Camp was attacked today by a disgruntled person. Damage to property has occurred, all staff are ok. Base Camp and all activities are closed today and tomorrow.”

We are deeply concerned to hear of this incident, and grateful that all staff are ok, per the announcement. As we stated in June, we are vehemently against any threatening or violent behavior toward anyone. We strive in our communications to be factual and professional. It is our goal to provide as much information as we can to our community to increase participation through informed voting. Voting is the way to enact change. There is no place in our community for violent, threatening, or hate-driven rhetoric or actions. We do not condone any uncivil or unlawful behavior.

Topics Discussed in the Meeting

Threat, Incident, Base Camp