2024-03-16 Board Meeting

2024-03-16 Board Meeting

Important Notice - Early Adjournment Due to Technical Difficulties

There were technical difficulties at Base Camp causing intermittent connectivity issues for those at Base Camp. Due to the intermittent disruption caused by these difficulties, the Board of Directors elected to adjourn the meeting early. A Special Board Meeting will be held on 2024-03-21 at 6:00pm to address the remaining meeting items.

Important Notice - Meeting with Finance Committee

The Board of Directors held a meeting with the Finance Committee from 9am - 10am, prior to the general Board session at 10am. The Board Calendar has this time designated as Executive Session which is unavailable for Members to attend. This Board Meeting with the Finance Committee was not announced in The Weekly View and was not on the Crystal Lakes online calendar. The Board Meeting agenda did not have an agenda item for the Committee Meeting, however it was a footnote in the title of the agenda. As such, many property owners were unaware of the Finance Committee Meeting with the Board. And it was not recorded. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Minutes from Board meetings are not available until after the next Board Meeting. 

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After multiple requests from CLRRA Members over the last couple of years, the Board of Directors has agreed to turn on the live Closed Captioning and Transcribing that is freely provided within Zoom meetings. As Zoom's live Closed Captioning is more accurate than YouTube, the Zoom Closed Captioning will be displayed in the recorded meetings.

Topics Discussed in the Meeting

Selders Causeway Engineer Cost, Budget, Board Candidate Meet and Greet, Ballot Box Security, Election Procedure, Fishing Fees