2023-10-21 23-24 Budget Member Meeting

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2023-10-21 23-24 Budget Member Meeting

Additional Information

Access to the Zoom meeting was not granted to all Members at the beginning of the meeting. As such, approximately eleven minutes at the beginning of the meeting was not available to all members and was not able to be recorded.

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No formal agenda was provided. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the 2023-2024 budget that was approved by the Board of Directors.

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Minutes from Board meetings are not available until after the next Board Meeting. 

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After multiple requests from CLRRA Members over the last eighteen months, the Board of Directors has agreed to turn on the live Closed Captioning and Transcribing that is freely provided within Zoom meetings. As Zoom's live Closed Captioning is more accurate than YouTube, the Zoom Closed Captioning will be displayed in the recorded meetings.

Topics Discussed in the Meeting

2023-24 Approved Budget

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