2024-01-11 Board Work Session

2024-01-11 Board Work Session

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The General Manager clarified the "Open" light on at Base Camp. The light is on to inform the mail and delivery people that someone is present to accept items. Members still need to call the Office to schedule a time to come in and meet with Office Staff.

A Board Member stated that only the Board President and General Manager are allowed to speak to the attorney. And the information from the attorney is not being properly disseminated to the other Board Members.

Small Claims Court Clarification: In small claims court, attorneys are prohibited unless the defendant chooses to use an attorney. The Board Treasurer confirmed that the Board made the decision to use an attorney in small claims court. That decision is why the association had to pay attorney fees even though they were just in small claims court.

During the Base Camp Security meeting on 2023-12-28, the Board President stated that the General Manager was choked during the Base Camp incident on 2023-12-08. In this Board Meeting, the General Manager stated that she was not choked. She was shoved twice. And a member of the Road Crew was shoved to the ground.

New Property Owner Forum Procedure: The end of the Work Session was set aside for Property Owner questions and comments, as well as answers from the Board.

A Property Owner stated that Alternative Dispute Resolution meetings (ADRs) need to have a neutral third party mediator, because the previous Board Vice President stated that the Board has already made a decision and will not change it.

A Property Owner voiced concerns that the Association publicly commenting on ongoing court cases and people’s mental state might open the Association to future litigation.

A Property Owner voiced concern about the Board not answering emails. The Board Vice President stated that the Board would answer all emails that are deemed as business appropriate. The Board Vice President again stated that Board Members are busy and are unpaid volunteers.

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After multiple requests from CLRRA Members over the last couple of years, the Board of Directors has agreed to turn on the live Closed Captioning and Transcribing that is freely provided within Zoom meetings. As Zoom's live Closed Captioning is more accurate than YouTube, the Zoom Closed Captioning will be displayed in the recorded meetings.

Topics Discussed in the Meeting

ADR, Base Camp, Legal, Security