2023-06-10 Annual Meeting

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2023-06-10 Annual Meeting


Please be prepared to adjust your audio volume often when listening to the recording. When you increase your audio level to hear the quiet portions, you may suddenly encounter audio that is too loud when Members on Zoom and Members on the microphone speak. See the Audio Issues below.

Important Notice - Audio Issues

There were a couple of issues with the sound system in the room. 1) It was difficult on Zoom to hear Members who were not speaking directly into the microphone. We have increased the audio level in the recording. However, it is still difficult to understand all of the words. Listening with headphones may help to understand more of what is said. However, we recommend caution when using headphones due to the frequent changes in audio levels. Please be prepared to adjust your volume often. 2) The sound system seems to be setup to clip loud sounds. This may only be on the computer that is hosting Zoom. When the audience claps, the sound level exceeds the set volume clipping level. The sound input is completely cut off, and there is no audio in the recording. Then the sound system takes a minute to turn back on and slowly increases to a normal audio level. This leaves several sections of the recording with no audio and inaudible audio.

View the Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for the Annual Meeting are not available at this time.

View the Transcript

The corrected transcript is not available at this time. The automated transcript and closed captioning created by YouTube are available while watching the recording. Most of the automated transcript will be accurate. However, some pieces will have incorrect words.

Topics Discussed in the Meeting

CWPP, GMC, Finance Committee, Fishing Board, Meeting Minutes, Open Space Conservancy, Recreation Committee, Road Committee